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 Vintage Windings Vintage
Audio Transformer Re-Issues!!
Made the way they used to make things!!

Vintage Windings Vintage Audio Transformer Re-Issues



After years of research and development Vintage Windings is very
pleased to introduce an entire line of Iconic Vintage Audio Transformers.
Thanks to a proprietary method of winding layer wound coils one at a
time, and a very time consuming search for period correct materials,
Vintage Windings can now offer vintage audio transformers that are
dead on accurate to the originals. We use US made metal for the cores
and layer wound coils made just like they used to make them! The
transformers are triple shielded, Mu-Cu-Mu + case. The cases are welded
soft metal with a Hammer Tone finish. All pinout assignments are as
original as are the technical specifications. Available on Ebay (bassmancp)
and on Reverb Vintage Windings. 

Vintage Windings T-56 Line Matching
transformer. A accurate re-issue of the
venerable Triad HS-56:

Engineered just like the original Triad
HS-56's from the 1950's - 1970"s referencing
original Triad data sheets! Manufactured
with the same US sourced materials as
originally used. Click photo for data sheet.

Vintage Windings P-56 Line Matching

This is The Best Line Matching Transformer
made today. Bifilar wound like a Peerless K-241-D
using the original Triad 56 data. This is our best
selling transformer. It has better balance than
the originals with 100% customer saticfaction!
Click photo for data sheet.


Vintage Windings VW-T-29 Interstage
Transformer. Re-Issue of the Rare Triad

Here we have a dead on recreation of the
very rare Triad HS-29. Perfect for your
Pultec EQP-1A project!! Click photo for
data sheet.

Vintage Windings VW-T-50 Vacuum Tube
Output Transformer. Re-Issue of the Triad

This is a 100% recreation of the Triad HS-50
Vacuum Tube Output Transformer. It will
perform Exactly like an original HS-50 in
your Pultec MEQ-5 Equalizer. Click on photo
for data sheet.

Vintage Windings VW-T-52 Vacuum Tube
Output transformer. Recreation of the Triad

This is an accurate recreation of the Triad
HS-52 Vacuum Tube Output Transformer. It
is electronically indentical to original. Click photo
for data sheet.

Vintage Windings VW-241-D Vacuum Tube
Input Transformer. Altec/Peerless K-241-D

Finally, One of the greatest audio transformer ever
made is now available again!! Manufactured just like
the originals. 100% customer saticfaction!!
Click on photo for data sheet.

Matched stereo sets also available. E-mail
for availability and details.

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