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Vintage Windings has recently acquired the remaining stock, manuals, documentation and
all mechanical drawings for the following Coil Winding Manufacturers: Leesona, Bachi, Essex,
Universal Winding Co., from Fisher Baker Corporation. Vintage Windings can now provide
parts and service support for these great machines. Along with the stock we have also
acquired quite a large collection of promotional documentation. Over the next year I will
be scanning this documentation and make it available for free download. That said I am
retaining the publishing rights to this documentation so PLEASE DO NOT REPOST at other
websites. You are welcome to have a personal copy of anything here.
Here are the first scans: These are RARE !!!

The Leesona No. 102 Coil Winding Machine

Leesona 102 Coil Winding Machine Manual

The Leesona No. 102 was an early production Coil Winding Machine from the 1940's.
It was used on countless types of coils from many industries but it is certainly most
famous today for being the machine that Gibson Guitars used for winding their iconic
PAF pickups (among others). As such these machines carry high price tags anytime a
very rare one turns up in the marketplace. That is silly really. Most companies were
happy to upgrade when the 107 and 108's were introduced. The machine had nothing
to do with the sound of the pickups... Incredible Drawings !!

The Leesona Model 102 Coil Winding Machine
and The Gibson PAF Pickup

 Leesona No. 102 Coil Winding Machine Manual Early 1944

Here is a beautiful Leesona No. 102 Coil Winding Machine Manual from 1944.
The manual is not in color however I scanned it in color as the patina was too nice
to lose in grayscale. Unfortunately this makes for a large file size. This is a wonderful
manual with incredible drawings!! (much nicer and clearer than photos). 

Leesona NO. 102 Coil Winding Machine Promo

This is a stunningly rare Promotional Pamphlet for the Leesona No. 102 Coil
Winding Machine. It has great photos and information for this iconic winder.

The Leesona No. 108 and 108B Coil Winding Machines

Leesona No. 108 Coil Winding Machine Promotional Photo

The Leesona No. 108 and 108B Coil Winding Machines were one of the very best
_Stick_ Coil Winding Machines. These were called stick winders due to the fact
that several coils could be wound at the same time on a mandrel. When the
windings were complete the coilforms would be slid off the mandrel, the
individual coils would be cut and the lead out wires fished out of the windings
for finishing. This was/is a very efficient way to wind production layer-wound
coils. There are many of these machines still in use today and Vintage Windings
has the remaining part supply to keep them going!

Leesona No. 108 Coil Winding Machine Promo

Here is an excellent rare promotional pamphlet for the Leesona No. 108
Coil Winding Machine. There are some wonderful photos and great hard
to find information on these fantastic winding machines.

Leesona No. 108 Coil Winding Machine Service and Operation Manual

Here is the complete Operation, Parts, and Maintenance Manual for the Leesona
No. 108 Coil Winding Machine. Like the Leesona 102 manuals the drawings in
this manual are superb. This is a later manual with some of the updates that
Leesona made over time.

I have more promotional material for both the Leesona No. 102 and No. 108/108B
Coil Winding Machines that I will be posting as I scan them. I will also be scanning
the large format original mechanical drawings for each machine from Leesona,
Bachi, Essex, Universal and a couple other small manufacturers. There were
many competing manufacturers promotional materials and manuals that I will
scan and post as time permits. cp

Leesona Getting the Most From Coil Winding Booklet

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